Rechargeable Portable SUP Retro Game Console 8-16 Bit With Built-in 900+ Classic Games - Green

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Arcade game fans rejoice! We have the best old school, cooler than cooler console for your couch or commuting commander needs! With 900 classic games already built in, SUP 900-in-1 Retro 8-16 Bit Game Boy is a totally rad and also an awesome gift for 8-16 bit fan boys! Can also show your kids what all the 90's arcade fuss is about where gaming started!

This incredible throwback to gaming console all classics like Pac-Man, Contra, Super Mario

It’s just as fun as it’s always been and whether you’re new to old school games or consider yourself a 8-16 BIT Great, you need to treat yourself to this 8-16 Bit Classic Games Console and enjoy vintage gaming with your friends or family with the retro style game-pads and console.


-Upgrade 3.0 -inch HD screen

-High performance, built-in KOF, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, etc., 900+ classic games.

-The joystick direction control is adopted, and the button layout has been modified 16 times, making the operation more convenient.

-Support AV cable TV connection

-Built-in storage expansion slot

-Using a polymer rechargeable battery, the back cover can be opened for easy battery replacement.

What's in the box

1 x SUP 900-in-1 Classic 8-16 Bit Retro Rechargeable Game Boy

Included Items

1 x USB Cable (Power)

1 x Rechargeable battery

1 x AV Cables

1 x Manual

Language: English/Chinese

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