Car Battery Recharger and Tester KW510

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1. Tester & charger & repair is the newest battery tester upgraded from the black-white screen tester, in order to check battery health faster and more accurately, including check the alternator working status. Not only support Battery Health Test, but also Battery Cranking Test, Battery Charging Test.

2. It a professional automotive diagnostic tools for your battery issues by the graphing voltage monitoring tool,

3. with its 2.4-inch color screen and unique pattern design, the KONNWEI KW510 is a perfect battery testing tool

4. KW510 can support Car Battery Tester + Charger + Repair 3in1


1. Work for 12V lead-acid batteries.

2. Imported STM32103VCT6 Chip.

3. Graphical battery test results.

4. Test results in storage and review.

5. Support


English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian

Car Battery Standard:

1. CCA:100-2000

2. BCI:100-2000

3. CA:100-2000

4. MCA:100-2000

5. JIS:26A17-245H52

6. DIN:100-1400

7. IEC:100-1400

8. EN:100-2000

9. SAE:100-2000

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