Suspension Trainer Fitness Strength Straps TRP3X

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Variety of training methods exercise a variety of muscle

Metal hook, durable, large bearing capacity, strong


Material: webbing + metal hook

Total length: 119cm


TRX loops are versatile, suitable for cardio training and strength training. They can be used for yoga, stretching, and functional training.

TRX workouts are available at home, the hinges can be easily fixed to the ceiling or doorway. Those who wish can practice in the open air. The TRX trainer is very compact, easy to carry, and easy to install.

With the help of loops, you can pump not only the external muscles but also deep ones, which are rarely used in classic workouts.

Exercises performed according to this technique helps to strengthen the spinal column and improve posture.

The activities can be quite varied, and there is no need to purchase other equipment.

The axial load on the spine is excluded, so the exercises do not pose a danger to the back and spine.

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