SUP 500-in-1 Handheld Game II with Game Pad

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We have the best old school, cooler than cooler console for your couch or commuting commander needs! With 900 classic games already built in, SUP 500-in-1 Retro 8 Bit Super Handheld II is a totally rad and also an awesome gift and you can also show your kids what all the 90's arcade fuss is about where gaming started!


This incredible throwback to gaming console all classics like Pac-Man, Contra, Super Mario


It’s just as fun as it’s always been and whether you’re new to old school games or consider yourself a 8 BIT Great, you need to treat yourself to this 8 Bit Classic Games Console and enjoy vintage gaming with your friends or family with the retro style game-pads and console.



There are 500 games in the 3.5inch game console. All the game handles are red by default.



Game Function:Support 8 bit game

Other function Support TV connection

Battery: 1020mAh battery

Supported languages: English, Chinese


Package included:

1x Mini Handheld Game Console

1x AV Cable

1x Rechargeable Li-battery

1x Game Pad

1x User manual

1x USB cable

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