Blu Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

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Blu Breeze is a compact and portable air conditioner that'll use less energy than a larger air conditioning system. It's small enough to fit on any table or countertop, and you can use it in virtually any room of your home. You may even want to place it beside you outdoors on a super-hot day. Instead of using tons of electricity, it converts water into cool yet humidified air, and can also be powered by batteries or a USB cable.


  • Lid and Handle
  • Each Blue Breeze comes with a lid and a handle attached, so if you make use of these when moving yours around, you'll be unlikely to spill and therefore waste any water within.
  • Portable
  • Besides having a lid and handle, each of these air conditioning units is also completely portable due to its size. Each one is about the size of most toasters, and they're all lightweight, too, so you'll be able to move yours from room to room or to your vehicle without becoming exhausted. One will even fit in your suitcase if you're taking it along with you while you travel—just be sure that it's empty of water first!
  • No Loud Noise
  • Unlike some air conditioning units, this one won't create any loud noise, so if you use it at your desk while working, you won't disturb the other people who are nearby. The same goes if you use it at home while a television program or movie is on, or while others in the household are having a conversation close by.
  • Two Sources of Power
  • You'll be able to run it with batteries or by plugging it into your computer via the included USB cable. Therefore, your use of it won't be limited if there are no electrical outlets in a particular space that needs cooling.


  • Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 20 cm
  • Powered: 4 AA batteries(not included) or via the USB cable (included)
  • Given horn


    In real world this is a great personal cooler, don't expect to cool down the entire room lol! Great for pointing to direction of your bed :) and ofcourse while playing games on your desktop too :) overall this little thing is great works as a charm, I hope they make it rotate from left to right like a stand fan it would be nice feature too in the future