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Registration is not necessary. It is possible to check out as a guest. However, it is recommended that you register so that future checkout will be easier and you can review your order history.

You may cancel your order before the point at which it is being shipped for delivery. You can return the product in accordance with our Returns Policy if you wish.

Please note that we cannot change your delivery address once your payment has been received and you have received the Payment Confirmation email.

The time it will take for a given item to leave the seller’s warehouse is given next to each product. This is the estimated time. You could receive your order sooner than you expect, but delays can also occur. Any delays will be notified to you as soon as we become aware of them. For further information, please contact us here.

Every payment transaction is encrypted using the most current encryption technology.

Extended Validation SSL
Two-factor authentication

3D Secure
This extra layer of security is used for all online transactions using a credit card.

3D Secure 2
An improved mobile-first level of authentication for online transactions using a credit card.


We suggest you contact us if the status hasn’t been changed after 48 hours, as we might not be able to allocate the payment.

Definitely. The warranty period for faulty products and manufacturing issues is six months from the date you receive the item. The time period can vary in some cases.

We decided to be transparent and show the shipping costs instead of hiding them in the product price. This allows us to reduce our prices to a minimum and show you the greatest savings.
Here’s how it works:
It costs money to ship goods and we don’t want to be bankrupt.
It goes like this:
Yes, delivery is also a cost. The money to cover this expense must come from somewhere in order for us to offer you the best prices on our products. 
The only place that money can come from is our customers.

In that case, we have two choices: hide it in the price, or display it.
As a result, we decided to be transparent about it. We are able to keep our prices as low as possible and offer you the best possible deal.
We would charge you more if we included the shipping cost into the price of an item. It’s not necessarily true, however, that shipping costs go up with every additional item in a package.
We try our best to reduce shipping costs. So the amount you pay is an approximate figure. The fault does not lay with us.

Absolutely. After we have received delivery confirmation, we are no longer in control of the order. You are responsible for ensuring your address is accurate. It is also very important that you select an address where someone you trust will accept the order on your behalf and that the order gets to you.

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